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Teeth Whitening Bismarck ND

What kind of tooth whitening treatment does Deeter Dental offer?

Deeter Dental offers Opalescence® teeth whitening treatment, an at-home tooth whitener which uses a customized tray to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home.

How is tooth whitening at Deeter Dental different from over-the-counter tooth whiteners?

The take-home tooth whitening treatment you receive from Deeter Dental is available with stronger whitening agents than over-the-counter tooth whitening treatments. This allows you to achieve a brighter white by the end of your tooth whitening treatment. Also, our tooth whitening treatment uses a customized tray which is created from impressions of your teeth. Therefore, the trays fit your teeth perfectly so you get a more even whitening treatment than with strips or generic whitening trays.

How white will my teeth become?

The results of your tooth whitening treatment depend on a few factors:

  • Cause of your tooth discoloration
  • Severity of your tooth discoloration
  • Strength of tooth whitening gel used
  • Your adherence to the prescribed treatment

Teeth which are more darkly stained may require a stronger tooth whitening agent to become noticeably whiter. Also, if your teeth are stained by foods and drinks such as coffee and tea, they are more likely to whiten well than teeth which have been chemically stained or are genetically predisposed to a darker tint.

How frequently will I need to whiten to maintain a white, bright smile?

Depending on the types of food and drink you frequently enjoy and your desired whiteness, you may need to reapply the tooth whitening treatment as frequently as six months. It is more common, however, for patients to request a second treatment after about a year.

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