Non-Traditional Dentisty

Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry is a practice of dentistry involving the science of sleep disordered breathing. Disruptions in sleep patterns caused by compromised airways may be observed at any age from infancy to the elderly. Sleep disorders described medically as RERAs, uars, and OSA may be directly correlated to major health risk factors including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux/heart burn, ADHD, and overall poor mental and physical growth and development. Dental evidence of sleep disordered breathing may include malocclusion, mouth breathing, crowding of dental arches, TMJ disorders, bruxism, and retrusion of the maxilla and mandible. Unmanaged, life expectancy of individuals with OSA canbe reduced as much as 20% and IQ reduction of up to 10 points in children. Dr Terry has studied with leaders in the field of sleep such as Drs John Mew, Bill Hang, Brian Allman, Teofilo Lee-Choing and others. Working together with sleep centers and sleep physicians, proper management of sleep disorders and CPAP intolerance may be achieved utilizing the MAD (mandibular advancement device), myofuntioal therapy, Butako breathing therapy and behavior modification therapy.


Orthodontic care is evolving to recognition and prevention of malocclusion at an earlier age than ever before thought possible. Why allow poor growth and development to continue until correction is very difficult or compromised? Traditional orthodontics has waited for the majority of growth to occur, losing the opportunity to correct growth and development and all that goes with as mentioned earlier in the sleep dysfunction text. Preventive orthodontics centers around orthotropics which is treatment that discovers and changes the causes and results of poor growth and development of the face and jaws at an early age when growth is happening and permanent stable change is possible. Changes that can be life changing for the child. For more information on Orthotropics go to Dr Bill Hang’s website ““. I believe we offer an alternative to traditional Orthodontics for the adolescent. Teenage and adult orthodontal care is also provided at Deeter Dental.

Periodontal Disease or pioria the same disease is one of the most common diseases in mankind. Distruction of bone around the teeth, bleeding of the gum tissue when touched and eventually loss of teeth from one to all teeth is the eventual outcome of Periodontal Disease in the mouth. Hidden from the uninformed are the systemic comorbities such as Atherosclerosis, diabetes, dementia and others. The systemic connection may be questioned but careful study clearly shows bacteria seeding from the infected gum tissue into the blood stream. Common scense would make the connection that having pathogenic bacteria circulation in the blood stream could lead to or exacerbate other disease states. Tradition care of having your teeth cleaned every six months and brushing and flossing hasn’t worked that well for most of us. Now there is a better way. The Perio Protect method for the treatment of gum disease and life time maintenance of gum tissue health is available at Deeter Dental. Check it out at I believe you have a choice to have healthy gum tissue with perio protect. I have been utilizing perio protect in my own mouth and my patients for 14 years with amazing and predictable results.

TMJ / Neuromuscular

TMJ, head and neck pain can have a dental component that left untreated can prevent resolution of symptoms and lead to discouragement. I have studied this area of dentistry for 35 years witnessing change to more predictable treatment with sensible explanations. It’s amazing how the position of the lower jaw to the skull can effect balance of the body. Imbalance of lower jaw has the following diagnostic criteria – TMJ or jaw joint noise ie clicking grinding, jaw joint soreness exacerbated by movement, limitation of opening and or jaw locking, jaw muscle soreness or pain, headaches ( stress and even some migraines), stiff and sore neck and more. A cure for TMJ dysfunction hasn’t been discovered only methods to manage the dysfunctions associated, improving the quality of life and slow or stop the progression of the disease.

These four areas of care offered at Deeter Dental can provide answers to disease states that traditional dentistry may not. Call today for a consult and discover what is possible.

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