Controlled Arch Orthodontics

At Deeter Dental, we pride ourselves in offering our patients a wide range of services, so that they can handle most of their oral care needs in one place, rather than going to multiple providers.

Orthodontic care is one of those extensions beyond the typical dental office that we provide. We offer both traditional orthodontics and a newer option called the Controlled Arch Treatment System.

Controlled Arch Orthodontics

The Controlled Arch system looks at the patient’s facial characteristics and anatomy and adapts the necessary tooth movements to that. This system offers an alternative to traditional orthodontics for some patients. Controlled Arch doesn’t simply seek to straighten the teeth in what may be a narrower space. It addresses jaw and spacing issues first, and then the teeth are moved.

What’s the difference between Controlled Arch and Traditional Orthodontics?

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Controlled Arch takes a little different approach to moving teeth. This system looks at the patient’s oral foundation, not just the alignment of his or her teeth. For some patients, this can be important.

Traditional orthodontics often seeks to straighten the teeth in the position they are in, whether that position is the most natural or not. This may be an overly crowded position. In these cases, teeth may need to be extracted to create room in a narrow space, and then the teeth are aligned. But these invasive changes can all be made so that the teeth fit into an unnatural narrow position. This can lead to later problems with TMJ disorder and sleep apnea because the jaw isn’t in its proper position.

Controlled Arch starts with jaw alignment and positioning. The goal is to get the jaw into its natural, genetic alignment. This is usually a wider position, which often eliminates the need for tooth extraction for Controlled Arch patients. Controlled Arch handles the physiologic development of the arch before the teeth are straightened.

Controlled Arch- how it Works

The centerpieces of the Controlled Arch Treatment System are large lingual arches that expand the molars, along with archwires that expand the arch. Together these widen the arch to gain space. Next, the top and bottom jaw are moved forward just a bit to a more natural position. These changes not only affect the teeth; they also improve airflow for fewer problems with sleep apnea, and they eliminate the jaw alignment problems that lead to TMJ.

Who’s a Candidate for Controlled Arch orthodontics?

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Controlled Arch is just one of our orthodontic options at Deeter Dental. Dr. Terry Deeter has extensive experience with both traditional orthodontics and this newer Controlled Arch system. The Controlled Arch system is a good option for patients with a narrower orientation of their existing teeth. Rather than moving those teeth and staying in that narrow profile, the Controlled Arch system first widens and adjusts the bite. Then the teeth are moved and straightened.

Dr. Terry Deeter, who handles our practice orthodontic work, will discuss with you what options will work best for you or your child.

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How long does Controlled Arch take to move the teeth?

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The process of orthodontics with Controlled Arch doesn’t appear different than traditional orthodontics, but the large lingual arches and the archwires are focused on expansion, rather than movement. The Controlled Arch system provides more predictable timeframes than traditional orthodontics, plus treatment usually requires about one

third less time.

Controlled Arch Orthodontics Results

Controlled Arch will deliver perfectly straight, aligned smiles, just as traditional orthodontics does. The difference is with patients who have more narrow mouth profiles. For these patients, Controlled Arch will widen and change the overall bite before straightening the teeth. This will create more room and avoid later problems with incorrect bite alignment.

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