No matter if you’re young or old, the genetic and environmental factors that impact your teeth can start to show themselves. If you have a family history of soft or weak teeth, you may be looking into dentures already, even if you’re only in your forties! But, the truth is that there are options when… Read More »

General Dentistry Bismarck, ND

When Do I Bring in My Child To See The Dentist?

By having your child’s first visit at the family dentist sooner rather than later, you can help set him or her up for good dental health. So, whether your child is still getting teeth, or just started losing teeth, it’s high time to make an appointment. Keep reading for more information about kids’ dental visits.… Read More »

Dental Hygiene and Teeth Cleaning Bismarck ND

Should I Upgrade to a Fancy Toothbrush?

If you’re obsessed with your teeth like we are, you know that brushing your teeth every day is a must. And we brush and floss twice a day. But, do you ever wonder if you could be doing more for your dental health? Have you been considering investing in an electric toothbrush lately? Before you… Read More »

Gum Disease Bismarck ND

What Causes Gum Disease?

Periodontitis is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue of the gums and destroys the underlying bone that supports your teeth. Periodontitis can even cause teeth to loosen or, in extreme cases, to fall out. Periodontitis is, unfortunately, common but preventable in many cases. Sadly, it usually comes about as a result of… Read More »

What Should I Know About Sedation?

If you’re the type to put off a visit to the dentist because of anxiety, you’re not alone.  Many people come to the dentist with a little bit of nervousness, or even full-blown anxiety.  But, you shouldn’t ignore the health of your teeth and mouth, just because you’re nervous. After all, dental health impacts your… Read More »

Cosmetic Dentistry, Bismarck, ND

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you know your smile is missing something, you may be interested in learning more about cosmetic dentistry. But, before you go, it’s worth knowing a little bit more about your options and what you may want to ask about. Keep reading to learn more about cosmetic dentistry, what can be adjusted with cosmetic dentistry,… Read More »

TMJ Neuromuscular Dentistry Bismarck ND

TMJ: Why Does My Jaw Hurt?

Waking up with a sore neck is never fun, but there are ways you can treat it yourself. You might need a few stretches and a warm shower to feel better. In serious cases, a massage might be needed. Jaw pain isn’t always such an easy fix. If you wake up with jaw pain, do… Read More »

Tooth Injuries | Bismarck, ND

Most Common Tooth Injuries

Ski season is here, and so is the the increased chance of injury. Though it’s true that you can injure yourself doing all sorts of things, certain activities carry an extra risk. Skiing, which includes snow, ice, and high speeds, is one of those. So, before you hit the slopes, take a quick peek at… Read More »

Teeth Whitening | Bismarck, ND

New Year, New Smile

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, some of us have had a list running for months. Other people may have to set aside time to think about what we want to change or achieve in the New Year. But, we think that the practice of making new goals only once a year is a… Read More »

Veeners Bismark, ND

Veneers: Plastic Surgery for your Teeth

If you’re not happy with your appearance, you may have looked into beautifying treatments like rhinoplasty, facelifts, or even more extreme surgeries. Though you may feel you want something, you may be ignoring the effect your teeth have on your beauty. Did you know that white, straight teeth can give you the confidence to smile… Read More »

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