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While the idea of a root canal, or endodontic therapy, may not seem like a very pleasant one, the truth is that it serves a valuable purpose beyond just removing tooth pain. It can preserve your tooth and protect the surrounding teeth and gum tissue, helping you retain not only an attractive smile, but good overall dental health.

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is the study and care of the inside of your teeth. Teeth are not solid bones; they are hollow and filled with tooth pulp, a softer tissue than bone which supports your teeth until they are fully grown, connecting with your nerve to deliver sensation. While tooth pulp does not support your teeth once they are fully grown, bacteria coming into contact with it can deteriorate the tooth pulp. If the bacteria work its way down through the tooth to your nerve, the result is a very painful infection.

If your tooth develops an infection, it can be very painful and negatively affect your eating habits. If your infection is allowed to progress, it can destroy the nerve ending at the root of your tooth and create a deposit of bacteria and puss called an abscess. If an abscess is not treated, it can cause illness.

Root Canal Procedure

Today, endodontic therapy makes most tooth infections very treatable. During a root canal, the pulp inside your tooth is removed, and the pocket where the bacteria gathered is cleaned with an endofile. Then the tooth is filled and covered with a tooth crown.

A root canal removes the possibility for a second infection and protects the base of your tooth from further destruction by bacteria. However, you should still care for your tooth and gums to prevent decay to the root. Regular teeth cleanings will help you keep bacteria and plaque from creeping below the gum line and causing damage to the roots of your teeth.

Many patients are uncomfortable with having a root canal because they are not aware of the danger of leaving a tooth infection uncared for. Deeter Dental and sedation dentistry for patients who experience high levels of anxiety about undergoing endodontic therapy in order to help make your procedure as comfortable as possible.

3-D imaging available at Deeter Dental

Using the state-of-the-art Kodak 9300 Cone Beam CT Scanner, Deeter Dental can perform more predicable root canal operations. The ability to see the whole tooth with 3-D imaging helps identify the canals prior to the therapy.  Missed canals are one of the most common causes of RCT failure but with our 3-D technology we can minimize the missed canals and reduce the chances of a root canal therapy failure. Deeter Dental is one of the few area clinics currently utilizing this advanced technology. We are proud to provide you with the comfort in knowing that the chance of future problems is significantly reduced when compared to standard root canal procedures.

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