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Smile Makeover Bismarck NDWhat is a Smile Makeover?

Your smile is often an important part of the first impression you make on others, and our Bismarck cosmetic dentists understand that your smile is one of the biggest factors in your appearance. Fortunately, if you are unhappy with your smile, a smile makeover can create a completely new smile that brings out the best in your appearance and personality.

Smile Makeover Process

A smile makeover is not just one procedure but often consists of a series of cosmetic dentistry procedures that help give you straight, white teeth in a style that compliments your facial features. The most important factor of your smile makeover is your cosmetic dentist. Our dentists will meet with you to discuss what aspects of your smile you like and what you want to alter before beginning your smile makeover.

Smile Makeover Procedures

When designing your new smile, our cosmetic dentists can help you achieve your desired tooth shape, size, and color. You may choose a tooth shape which is rounder or squarer. When considering color, you should let Dr. Matt, Dr. Terry, or Dr. Lucas know whether you want a more naturally occurring tint to your teeth or a bright, Hollywood white. Even the size of your teeth can give others different impressions of you, as smiles with larger teeth are often perceived as more confident, while smaller teeth often create a more introverted impression.

Most of our smile makeover procedures consist of one or more of the following services:

Tooth Whitening

Using our Opalescence® take-home whitening system, you can help return your teeth to their natural color caused by stains. It is available in different strengths, which allows our dentists to help create a customized treatment for your needs.

Gum recontouring

With gum recontouring, we remove a portion of your gums to help create an even gum line. This is done to help compliment the size and shape of your teeth.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are a very thin dental restoration that are custom-made wafer-thin shells bonded to the front surface of your teeth to help create a new beautiful smile. This procedure helps to give your teeth perfect symmetry as well as a bright white sheen.

Tooth bonding

We offer tooth bonding to patients to who fix or repair minor flaws in their smile. This procedure fixes chips and gaps in the tooth. We apply a bonding agent that matches the color of your teeth.

Financing Your Smile Makeover

Because a smile makeover often consists of several cosmetic dentistry procedures, many patients ask about financing options to allow them to undergo all the procedures at once. Deeter Dental offers several affordability options to help you receive the procedures you want immediately.

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We invite you to learn more about your smile makeover today by scheduling your consultation with Deeter Dental. Please contact our Bismarck cosmetic dentists today, serving patients throughout Bismarck, and the surrounding areas of North Dakota. Call our Bismarck office at 701.222.1800 or our Garrison office at 701.463.2884.

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