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Dental Bridges Bismarck ND
At Deeter Dental, we understand that missing teeth can affect your self-esteem, and we know how important it is to have a smile you are not afraid to show off. There is more than one option available to you if you are missing a tooth or teeth, and one of those options is a dental bridge.

Dental Bridge Structure

Dental bridges are one or more false teeth affixed to one or more dental crowns for support. The phrase “false teeth” can be misleading, however, as dental bridges are permanently fixed in your mouth and cannot be removed the way dentures can. A dental bridge may be supported by one or more tooth crowns, and on some occasions may be supported by dental implants.

Types of Dental Bridges

Your dental bridge may be made of one of three types or combinations of material:

  • Porcelain
  • Gold
  • Porcelain fused to metal (PFM)

Most often, we recommend all-porcelain dental bridges. However, if you are a good candidate for a dental implant, we will generally recommend this treatment option over a dental bridge.

Creating Your Dental Bridge

Once Dr. Matt, Dr. Terry, or Dr. Lucas has determined that a dental bridge is the best option for you, he will prepare the tooth or teeth which will support the tooth crown to be used in conjunction with your bridge. We will take an impression of your prepared tooth or teeth and the space where the missing tooth used to reside. A temporary dental bridge will be placed so you can continue to eat and drink as usual.

The impression of your mouth will be sent to a local specialized dental lab where the porcelain dental bridge will be created by a highly trained technician. A dental bridge made of porcelain can be tinted to match your surrounding teeth, and will look very similar to your natural teeth. When your dental bridge returns from the lab, we will affix it to your prepared tooth or teeth using a strong dental adhesive.

iTero: Digital Impression Technology

iTero’s accurate imaging results in significantly improved restorations, and patients have a better experience without uncomfortable impressions.

  • Eliminates the discomfort of impressions and re-impressions
  • Shortens seating appointments by 22% and virtually eliminates return appointments
  • Powder-free scanning for patient comfort
  • Provides real-time, high-impact visualizations to help you educate patients

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