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Dentures Bismarck NDWhat are Dentures?

If you have lost a number of teeth, dentures can be an excellent option to replace your missing teeth and restore the appearance of your smile. Dentures provide you with several health benefits in addition to the obvious cosmetic benefits. They can help prevent your facial muscles from sagging, which will ultimately make you appear older than you actually are. Furthermore, dentures can help restore important daily functions. For example, some of the daily functions that are adversely impacted by your missing teeth can include eating and speaking.

Dentures Bismarck ND

Implant Supported Dentures

At Deeter Dental, Dr. Lucas Deeter focuses on implant dentistry allowing us to offer dentures supported by dental implants for suitable candidates.

Dentures often look false when they slip out of position. Dental implants can help support your dentures by attaching them to your jaw, avoiding the problems caused by slippage. With lower dentures from Deeter Dental, we highly recommend the use of dental implants to maintain stability and retention of the lower denture. If you choose, you may have your upper dentures supported with dental implants as well.

Dentures Process

Before we create your dentures, you will meet with the dentist to discuss any aesthetic concerns you have. We will then take an impression of your jawline. The impressions of your jaws are sent to one of our highly trained dental labs where a trial set of dentures is created.

Dr. Deeter will check the fit of your trial dentures and will make all necessary adjustments and measurements. He will then send the information back to the lab to have your final set of dentures made. If you are receiving dental implants to support your dentures, a period of two to six months may be necessary to allow the implants to stabilize in your jaw bone.

Once the final dentures are complete and your dental implants are stabilized, we will fit and attach your dentures to your implants, and you will be able to eat and speak naturally. If you have any difficulty using your dentures to eat or speak, you should return to our office immediately to have adjustments made.

Fountain of Youth Dentures: a new technique for an old procedure

Now, you can design natural looking dentures using neuromuscular technology. Restoring the jawline will not only give the patient back years, but it will also restore confidence. It will also create an uplifting experience they can share.

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