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Bismarck, Garrison – North Dakota

New Guest Experience

When considering which dentist to use, much of your decision may be based on how comfortable you feel with the dentist rather than experience or training. At Deeter Dental, we understand your desire to feel comfortable with your dentist, and we offer a unique new guest experience to help you become familiar with our team and office before beginning any treatment.

Initial Consultation

img_8893Most of our new patients choose to come into our office for the new guest experience, where you will have the opportunity to meet key members of our team and discuss your treatment options. Each of our dentists will take as much time as necessary to help you feel at ease before deciding on a treatment plan. Your consultation with us will include:

  • Meeting one of our three experienced dentists
  • Discussing your concerns and expectations regarding your dental care
  • Comprehensive oral exam, soft tissue exam, X-rays, aesthetic review, muscle and joint function analysis as needed
  • Opportunity to ask and answer questions

While the new guest experience available at Deeter Dental is not required, we strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to meet with Dr. Terry, Dr. Matt, or Dr. Lucas to allow us to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will best meet your needs.

Comprehensive Treatment

Depending on your primary cause for visiting Deeter Dental, you may meet with any one of our three dentists, each of whom has a specific area of focus:

  • Dr. Terry’s areas of focus are sedation dentistry, orthodontics, and neuromuscular dentistry, which addresses the health of your jaw joints and muscles.
  • Dr. Matt offers comprehensive cosmetic dentistry to repair and care for your teeth with natural-looking dental restorations and an emphasis in neuromuscular treatments.
  • Dr. Lucas’s focus is implant dentistry, which allows us to offer complete dental care in-office without having to refer you out to another office for any part of your treatment.

Whichever dentist you meet with will take the time and care to ensure that your questions are answered and all concerns are alleviated during your new guest experience.

Because our focus is on your whole mouth health, not just cavity care, we will recommend a course of treatment that encompasses all the aspects of your smile. Your new guest experience at Deeter Dental can educate you about potential concerns and current problems that need immediate care.

To schedule your new guest experience at Deeter Dental, please contact our Bismarck cosmetic dentists today at our Bismarck, North Dakota office, also providing individualized dental care to the surrounding communities.

Bismarck Cosmetic Dentistry Disclaimer: Deeter Dental in Bismarck, North Dakota is a full service general and cosmetic dentistry practice. The information provided on this web site regarding neuromuscular dentistry is not to be construed as medical advice. If you have a dental condition that needs the attention of a licensed, trained dentist, contact Deeter Dental for a consultation. Serving patients in Bismarck, North Dakota and surrounding areas