Biobloc Orthotropics

Biobloc Orthotropics Bismarck, NDThe realm of medicine is filled with complex phrases, and we have grown accustomed to hearing clinical terminology from our physicians. The realm of dentistry is a bit more straightforward. Even when phrases such as “root canal” and “periodontal disease” are used, we get the idea of what is happening and how to correct it. Given this innate ability to understand our oral health providers, some people may feel a bit thrown off when dentists and oral surgeons use words that are less intuitive, such as “Biobloc orthotropics.”

What are Orthotropics?

Orthotropics are the precursor to orthodontics. The treatments are recommended for children between six and eight years old who may have:

  • Poor airway development
  • Bone and soft tissue structures that affect the child’s appearance
  • Improper jaw alignment

The goals of orthotropic are to minimize the need for extractions and jaw surgery when the orthodontics process begins. In some cases, children who have orthotropics do not need braces and similar dental appliances in their teen years.

What are the Benefits of Biobloc Orthotropics?

We have chosen Biobloc Orthotropics for our younger patients because these appliances offer a single solution for several issues. Traditionally, a jaw that needed correction in several directions required surgery, but the Biobloc device achieves the same outcomes.

Does My Child Need Biobloc Orthotropics?

In addition to the age range for orthotropics, other factors must be considered. First, your child should still have baby teeth in the back of the jaw. Second, you and your child will need to commit to the treatment for up to 12 months. The devices must be work as directed. Fortunately, using Biobloc devices is very comfortable for your child.

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