Understanding controlled arch orthodontics

When patients are in need of orthodontic treatment, they are excited to learn that the team at Deeter Dental provides solutions under the same roof! Drs. Terry, Matt, and Lucas Deeter work directly with patients to help them determine if controlled arch orthodontics can help them realign the teeth and improve the function and appearance of their smiles.

How do controlled arch orthodontics work?

Instead of using conventional braces to improve the alignment of the teeth, controlled arch orthodontics work to do more, including adapting tooth movements to fit the patient’s unique facial characteristics. Anatomy of the current smile plays a huge role in the way our team will address changes. For patients with a narrower smile or poor bite alignment, this method of achieving a better aligned smile works wonders! With controlled arch orthodontics, our dental team at Deeter Dental looks more at the patient’s current oral foundation and starts with jaw positioning and alignment into a more natural, genetic alignment. By widening the foundation for the smile, it eliminates the permanent extraction of natural teeth when overcrowding is a concern. Then, once the foundation has been shaped appropriately, the teeth are aligned with the dental arch for the final results. The jaw is repositioned using specialized arch wires, and the teeth are moved within this arch to eliminate gaps and misalignment.

Who is considered a proper candidate for controlled arch orthodontics?

To determine if a patient is a good candidate for controlled arch orthodontics, an evaluation appointment should be made with one of our dentists. Patients are evaluated, and it is found that most patients who have mild to moderate malocclusion with a narrow jaw orientation may be a great candidate for this treatment methodology.

Discover controlled arch orthodontics at Deeter Dental

Patients in the areas of Bismarck and Garrison, ND who are interested in enhancing their smile with orthodontic treatment are encouraged to learn more about controlled arch orthodontics available at our practice. Drs. Terry, Matt, and Lucas Deeter are available to help new and existing patients find out if they are appropriate candidates for this method of smile alignment. Call either of our office locations to schedule your consultation.

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