When Might a Patient Require Bone Grafting Procedures?

Patients who have lost teeth from bone loss, trauma, or extraction need to work with a dental team to discuss tooth replacement options. At Deeter Dental Group in Bismarck and Garrison, ND, patients often want to learn about permanent solutions such as dental implants. These titanium posts are placed during oral surgery and can be restored with a crown, bridge, or denture. However, in order to place a dental implant, patients need to have sufficient bone structure. If disease or aging has impacted the jaw, there may not be enough bone to support the implant. In situations such as this, Drs. Terry, Matt, and Lucas Deeter may recommend bone grafting.

Understanding bone grafting

As with other parts of the body, bone grafting in the jaw can rebuild the foundation to prepare it for the placement of dental implants. Bone grafting may be done with natural or manmade materials and offers the opportunity for patients with bone loss to undergo advanced treatments such as the placement of dental implants. Dental implants also help in stimulating bone growth through a process known as osseointegration. The bone that grows around the implant solidifies it into the jaw and offers the best foundation for this restoration. Once the dental implant is placed after bone grafting, it is often highly successful when patients maintain their oral health and wellness.

When might I require bone grafting?

The bone of the jaw is essential for keeping all the teeth in place. However, when bone loss occurs, either from aging, disease, or tooth loss, it can shrink. Patients who are interested in replacing their missing teeth with dental implants, or using dental implants to hold a full denture in the arch, may need a certain amount of bone for treatment to be successful. This is often the point at which our team may make a recommendation of bone grafting. The procedure can be done to prepare the area for dental implants, or just to restore bone lost over time.

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Drs. Terry, Matt, and Lucas Deeter of Deeter Dental Group encourage patients in the area of Bismarck and Garrison, ND to speak to our team about bone grafting procedures.

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