The benefits of digital dental x-rays

Digital Dental X-Rays | Bismark, NDDuring dental examinations, most patients will have a series of x-rays done to check the health of their smile outside what can be physically seen. Dental x-rays are best for spotting signs of periodontal disease, finding impacted teeth, and to find areas of decay that may be forming beneath the gum line. Drs. Terry, Matt and Lucas Deeter in Bismarck and Garrison, ND are pleased to not only offer dental x-rays for diagnostic purposes, but they provide digital dental x-rays.

What are digital dental x-rays?

Also known as digital radiography, digital dental x-rays allow the dentist to evaluate a patient’s smile using today’s amazing technology. Instead of traditional radiographs, digital x-rays work differently. They reduce exposure to radiation and can provide more precision views of a patient’s smile.

What are the benefits of digital dental x-rays?

There are many advantages to using digital dental x-rays over traditional radiographs. Digital x-rays:

• Reduce a patient’s exposure to radiation by up to 70%

• Allow the dental team to see immediate images of the mouth

• Are digitally enhanced, ensuring precision views of the smile

• Eliminate the need for film and chemicals to process images, which is more environmentally friendly

• Provide immediate images without requiring traditional processing of film

• Can be zoomed and enlarged on a computer screen for finding problems within the smile

• Can be copied, printed, or digitally stored and electronically sent to other dental professionals, if needed

Why choose a dental team offering digital dental x-rays?

In today’s medical field, technological advances are being made every day. Working with a dental team that utilizes today’s revolutionary tools ensures that patients get the proper care and attention they need to make their smile healthy. Deeter Dental is pleased to offer digital dental x-rays to benefit patients in the ways listed above.

Work with a dental team that offers digital dental x-rays!

At Deeter Dental, our dentists are pleased to offer digital dental x-rays for new and existing patients. Drs. Terry, Matt, and Lucas Deeter accept new patients at their two practices located in Bismarck and Garrison, ND. Call today to request an evaluation with our team and start taking charge of your oral health and wellness!

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