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Dentures | Bismark, ND | | Deeter Dental Patients who visit Deeter Dental will find that our practice offers a wide selection of solutions for patients who are missing one or more teeth from their smiles. This includes dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. However, many patients experiencing the loss of an entire arch of teeth will be excited to find out about a revolutionary option for their smile: Fountain of Youth® dentures.

What is the Fountain of Youth® dentures?

The team of Deeter Dental is pleased to offer Fountain of Youth® dentures for new and existing patients. With these dentures, patients will be able to obtain the best possible denture for their needs. These dentures can be used on the top, bottom, or both arches as needed. What sets Fountain of Youth® dentures apart from traditional full dentures is the way in which they fit and function. Using neuromuscular dentistry principles, the Fountain of Youth® dentures can ensure that they work properly with the surrounding muscles of the mouth to provide a proper fit.  These lifelike dentures are natural-looking and improve chewing and speaking function.

How is the Fountain of Youth® dentures fabricated?

Traditional dentures just require quick impressions of the arch of teeth being replaced. Fountain of Youth® dentures, on the other hand, requires a series of impressions that ensure the dynamic muscles in the mouth are considered as well.

What sets Fountain of Youth® dentures apart from traditional full dentures?

Because Fountain of Youth® dentures utilizes the neuromuscular function, they not only fit better, but they function better as well. Also, these dentures will prevent the “sunken-in” appearance that is common with traditional dentures in the jaw area. Many patients who choose Fountain of Youth® dentures will find that they have a more youthful appearance without ever having plastic surgery performed. These dentures support the muscles and jaw for an amazing fit and overall appearance.

Deeter Dental offers Fountain of Youth® dentures

Speak to the team of Deeter Dental today to learn more about these revolutionary options for patients who are seeking quality dentures for tooth replacement. With practices in Bismarck and Garrison, ND, patients can choose the location closest to them. Request an evaluation and speak to one of our dentists about this and many other replacement options for missing teeth.

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