Turn Back Time with Fountain of Youth® Dentures

Beautiful and properly fitting dentures give patients the confidence they need to smile, laugh, and share their lives with others. However, if patients are dealing with dentures that are not secure, they may begin to feel uneasy about social events with friends and family. Thanks to continued advances in dentistry, Bismarck and Garrison, ND area patients can enjoy treatment with a breakthrough in dentures called the Fountain of Youth® dentures!

What are Fountain of Youth® dentures?

Fountain of Youth® dentures are an amazing improvement from traditional acrylic dentures. These dentures are created with special technology that not only makes them fit and function better but provides patients with a solution that can take years off their appearance.

How do Fountain of Youth® dentures turn back time?

Patients using traditional dentures may notice changes in the shape of their jaw. This is caused by dental resorption. When the bone is no longer needed for holding teeth in place, it begins to shrink. This results in that “sunken in” appearance that occurs with years of wearing dentures and maintaining no natural teeth. With Fountain of Youth® dentures, patients will notice changes in their overall appearance. The dentures are also positioned in a more youthful, forward position in the mouth, ensuring that the jaw is aligned properly for best function and appearance.

Why do traditional dentures affect appearance of the jaw?

Traditional dentures can be problematic for some patients, especially as they need to be readjusted and replaced regularly due to fast changes that occur to the jawbone. The dentist will typically create dentures that rest directly over the jaw bone for proper fit and function. However, as the jaw begins to shrink, these dentures need to be set further and further back into the mouth to stabilize them. This means moving the location of the teeth inward. To avoid this, Fountain of Youth® denture are made to fit in a more forward position to combat any changes occurring to the bone.

Discuss Fountain of Youth® dentures with our team today!

Garrison and Bismarck, ND area patients are welcome to book an appointment with the staff of Deeter Dental Group to discuss tooth replacement solutions using the Fountain of Youth® dentures.

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