Brush Well to Avoid Three Types of Cavities

General Dentistry Bismarck, NDThere are three types of cavities you should avoid. Did you know that? Read more about each type of cavity and how you can avoid them.

Smooth Surface Cavity

These cavities occur on the sides of the teeth, where the shape is smooth and sleek. Plaque and bacteria stick to this part of the tooth like rock climbers, clinging on while they can. These are common cavities, and are probably some of the least severe (when caught at the right time). This is because you are probably brushing on a regular basis, and hopefully flossing too. By taking care to brush and floss twice a day, you can prevent these cavities from becoming too serious (or even prevent them altogether). If you catch these early enough, fluoride might be able to treat this type of cavity.

Pit and Fissure Cavity

This type of cavity crops up on the molars, or the back teeth, in the little fissures that make up the part of the tooth that helps you chew. The pits and fissures not only help you break up your food before you swallow, but they can also inadvertently hold on to piece of food or sugar from soda. That lingering plaque can cause cavities if it is allowed to sit for too long, so make sure to brush well and regularly to avoid these.

Root Cavity

These can be the most troublesome kind of cavity, especially if they are allowed to grow for long enough. This is because root cavities occur–yes, you guessed it–at the root of the tooth. This cavity can occur from improper brushing, so make sure you’re gentle on your gums as you clean your teeth. Essentially, if you are brushing too aggressively, you can encourage your gums to recede and expose parts of the tooth that shouldn’t be. These parts of the tooth are then especially susceptible to cavities because they don’t have protective enamel (like other, more exposed parts of the tooth).

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