What Can I Do To Improve My Dental Health?

General Dentistry Bismarck, Garrison, NDYou are what you eat. At first, it sounds almost crazy, but we all instinctively know that not all food is created equal. You don’t need a simple number of calories to keep your body healthy and strong, just as you don’t need one miracle toothbrush to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy. The truth is, we experience better health when we have the correct nutrients to build and repair our bodies. The same goes for teeth. If you’re interested in learning how eating for your teeth can improve your overall health, keep reading.

Teeth are important features of our bodies: they help us break down foods to better absorb nutrients as we digest them. If our teeth aren’t in good health, it can make it harder to chew foods properly. But dental health shouldn’t be separated from our overall health in our minds, because it sure isn’t separate in real life! Did you know that studies show that flossing regularly can help add a year to your life? It’s true! Not only does flossing help prevent gum disease, but it is also linked to lowered risk of heart disease. If you’re not a fan of typical ribbon floss, you can try floss picks or environmentally friendly biodegradable floss.

Eating for our teeth is a good step to take to improve overall health. For example, eating dark, leafy greens and other high fiber foods improve your dental health by causing a lot of chewing to happen. All that food helps scrub teeth clean, and generates more saliva, which also helps to clean teeth. That fiber is also really good for your gut health, so don’t skip the salad next time you’re out to lunch!

Avoiding sugary sweets and candy for dental health can also help improve overall health. Sugar sits on the teeth and can cause cavities down the road. Super chewy candy, or very hard candy brings the sugar, but can also damage teeth by causing more work for them. Chewy candy can get stuck in between teeth, causing a fast-track to cavities, and hard candy can chip teeth. Lowering sugar intake can help you avoid extra weight gain and improve your blood sugar levels.

If you’re still working on improving your dental health, we can help. Give us a call today  at (701) 222-1800 or (701) 463-2884 to schedule a consultation in Bismarck or Garrison and learn more about dental health.

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