Commonly Misunderstood Dental Facts

General Dentistry Bismarck NDThere are so many false ideas about teeth floating around. They can occur when people don’t ask questions at the dentist, and make assumptions about what’s going on. Other times these ideas can come from other people, blog articles, or movies. Regardless, it’s time to clear up some misconceptions about teeth.

Baby Teeth Don’t Need To Be Brushed

Not true! Setting your child up with proper hygiene before they get their adult teeth is important. Understanding how to keep their teeth healthy is key to setting up good habits by the time they have their adult teeth. Also, it may be harder for you teach your child quickly when they have their adult teeth, which could spell hygiene issues down the road.

Sugar is Sugar

With Halloween in the near past, we do have to stress that sugar isn’t good for your teeth. The less sugar you can eat, the happier your teeth will be. But you may have some out-of-date knowledge regarding sugar and cavities.

When you reach for that leftover Halloween candy, think twice about how you’re eating it. When you eat sugar, the bacteria in your mouth takes about 20 seconds to convert that sugar to acid, which then lasts in your mouth for about 30 minutes. Think about the time the acid stays on the surface of your teeth when snacking. A large handful at once is actually better for your teeth than a few pieces spread out. But remember, less sugar will always be better for your teeth, so don’t dive into the candy bowl too much!

Sensitive Teeth Mean Cavities

If you have a sensitivity, you may start to worry and think you have a cavity. Sensitivities can sometimes hint at cavities or broken teeth, but the chances are good that it could be something else. You may just have a sensitivity that requires some sensitive toothpaste and a more gentle hand while you brush.

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