When Do I Bring in My Child To See The Dentist?

General Dentistry Bismarck, NDBy having your child’s first visit at the family dentist sooner rather than later, you can help set him or her up for good dental health. So, whether your child is still getting teeth, or just started losing teeth, it’s high time to make an appointment. Keep reading for more information about kids’ dental visits.

Tooth Decay

If you only have one tooth, it can develop tooth decay. We don’t like to see decay ever, but it’s especially tough on younger kids because they’re in the process of forming their dental habits. We especially want to avoid the development of tooth decay in baby teeth (also called primary teeth), because it can lead to a higher risk of tooth decay in their adult teeth.

By bringing your child in early (within six months of his first tooth erupting, but before his first birthday) you can help set up a future with good dental health. For example, a pediatric dentist can help you learn how to brush their teeth properly as well as discuss overall best health practices. Limiting sugary drinks and snacks can also help set up your child’s ideal dental health. If your child is older, and still hasn’t seen a dentist, it’s important to treat the situation with care. Fear regarding the dentist can cause unnecessary stress and fear.

A Few Tips To Make Your Visit Even Better

  • Try to schedule a morning appointment, or when you know your child will be well-rested and in a good mood.
  • Never use a trip to the dentist as a punishment for behavior. This sets up bad associations and can lead to dental issues down the road.
  • Avoid bribing your child to go to the dentist. Children are smart, and can pick up on your negative associations, too.
  • Play games about going to see the dentist before your child’s visit, and make sure to encourage positive thoughts regarding dental visits.

Is your child due for a dental appointment? Give us a call today at (701) 222-1800 to schedule a consultation at our Bismark location, or (701) 463-2884 for our Garrison location.

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