Is Gum Recontouring Right for You?

Gum Contouring  Bismarck & Garrison, NDAt Deeter Dental Group, our providers assist patients in the communities of Bismarck and Garrison, ND. We work routinely with patients who want to improve the appearance of their smile for better self-confidence and self-esteem. A beautiful smile may be just an appointment away for patients who have uneven gums. With the use of cosmetic procedures such as gum recontouring, patients can gain that confidence to smile again!

What is gum recontouring?

Gum recontouring is a dental procedure that is used to address inconsistencies in the gum tissue caused by genetics, tooth loss, or periodontal disease. Periodontal disease and other conditions are known to cause gum recession. This recession can impact the appearance of the smile and even result in an uneven gum line. To fix this, gum recontouring is often performed. The procedure is done in our dental office by a qualified and experienced dental provider. With the use of mild anesthetics to numb the area, the dentist will recontour the gum tissues with a soft tissue laser. Instruments may also be used for pulling the gum tissue downward when needed to cover more of the tooth. The dentist ensures the entire area is disinfected and sealed properly to keep bacteria from becoming trapped underneath the gums and prevent future infections from occurring.

When should patients consider gum recontouring?

Reshaping of the gum tissue can help patients feel more confident. It can address gum recession or even a “gummy smile” that is caused by gums that cover more area of the teeth than is necessary. In most cases, gum recontouring is considered an elective, cosmetic procedure and is not typically covered by dental insurance. Fortunately, the team at Deeter Dental Group offers financing plans to make all procedures accessible for patients. Patients are encouraged to speak to the front office team about financing procedures in our practice.

Discuss recontouring solutions for your smile!

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