Need Braces? Here Are Some Options

Tooth Braces, Orthodontics Bismarck NDHaving a beautiful smile makes you feel more confident, but the thought of wearing braces may not be so appealing. Deeter Dental Group offers orthodontics for children and adults, and you may be surprised with the options that are available to you.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Certainly, one of the most obvious benefits of orthodontic work is that your teeth are straight and you no longer have crowding, gaps, and other issues. Orthodontic treatments, though, go well beyond an attractive smile. Braces and other dental appliances improve your bite and can prevent oral health issues. Gaps in between the teeth leave areas open for bacteria and food particles. You may have a misalignment of your jaw that could cause pain and other symptoms. Children whose teeth do not develop probably can have problems speaking and chewing their food.

How Orthodontics Work

Orthodontics work by placing a consistent level of pressure on the teeth. Several tools, such as wires, brackets, retainers and custom-fitted aligners, are used to make specific adjustments. Over time, your teeth are permanently repositioned.

Aesthetic Concerns and Orthodontic Work

Not too long ago, the only option for orthodontics was having metal brackets and wires adhered to your teeth. Today patients have several other options that make braces more cosmetically appealing and comfortable. Colored braces are fun for younger patients, and adults may want to consider clear aligners that can be removed as needed. Each type of orthodontic appliance does serve a purpose, so our orthodontists can explain your particular options.

The Importance of an Orthodontist

Recently companies have started to offer low-cost, clear aligners that people can order outside of the orthodontist office. This type of design is also available through your orthodontist. If you are considering these types of aligners either due to cost or other factors, we encourage you to discuss the situation with an orthodontist. Clear aligners only work in certain cases, and the professional expertise of an orthodontist is crucial to protecting your oral health in the future.

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