How does sugar impact your smile?

Dentist Bismark NDToday, many Americans consume far more sugar than is necessary for their needs. Sugar is incorporated into almost everything that is processed, from the foods we eat to the drinks we enjoy. Because of this increase in sugar intake, Americans are now dealing with the negative impacts, including poor oral health. Sugar can contribute to the development of bacteria in the smile that produce acids that damage the natural tooth enamel. Cavities are formed, erosion occurs, and the natural smile is affected in a big way!

At Deeter Dental group, we work hard to educate patients on the ways they can maintain a healthy smile. With improved knowledge, patients can achieve oral health and wellness and enjoy a beautiful smile for life. This often includes a reduction in the sugar intake each day. The USDA encourages patients to stay under approximately 18 teaspoons of sugar each day. A single glass of apple juice or soda will put many people over their limit for the entire day. By eliminating sugar from the diet, many patients can keep their teeth healthy and strong. Here are a few tips for reducing sugar intake and its impact to the smile:

  • Swap out healthier beverages. Instead of chocolate milk, choose white milk. Instead of a soda or energy drink, consider water or even an unsweetened tea. By swapping out better drink choices, most patients can significantly reduce the impact sugar has on their smile.
  • Increase fluoride intake. Fluoride is in most community water and is also added to many toothpastes. Fluoride can help strengthen teeth and reduce cavities.
  • Drink sugary beverages in one sitting, and avoid sipping all day long. Sipping sugary beverages allows more time for sugars to combine with bacteria and contribute to cavities. Drinks should be enjoyed quickly, and patients should wash their mouth by following the beverage with water to flush away sugars.
  • Brush and floss thoroughly. When patients brush and floss their teeth after every meal and snack, they greatly reduce the chances of sugary foods impacting their smile.

Learn more about the impact of a sugary diet on your smile!

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