Using porcelain veneers to cover imperfections

If teeth that are stained, broken, or misaligned are causing you to feel embarrassed when you socialize with others, you may be a good candidate for certain cosmetic dentistry procedures. Deeter Dental of Bismarck and Garrison, ND provides a wide selection of cosmetic treatments designed to improve confidence and beauty. A common restorative solution used by many of our patients is that of the porcelain veneer.

Porcelain veneers 101

Drs. Terry, Matt, and Lucas Deeter of Deeter Dental are pleased to offer porcelain veneers as one of many cosmetic dentistry solutions available to patients in the community. Porcelain veneers are best described as custom facings that are bonded on the front of a tooth to cover an imperfection. These restorations require a small amount of preparation by the dentist, including the removal of a thin portion of enamel from the front of the problem tooth. Impressions are made after the tooth is prepared, and these impressions are used by a dental ceramist to fabricate the final veneer. One the veneer is completed, within a week or two, patients come back into the office to have it cemented in place. The final results are amazing, and patients love the coverage these restorations provide.

What can porcelain veneers address?

Our dentists find that the best situations in which porcelain veneers are best include:

  • Chipped/cracked teeth
  • Unusually shaped teeth
  • Short/small teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Permanently stained teeth

When these imperfections are impacting the teeth near the front of the smile, called the anterior teeth, they can be improved with the fabrication and placement of a porcelain veneer. Our dentists evaluate patients who have concerns about the appearance of their smile to determine if they are a good candidate for veneers. Patients may also be a good fit for alterative treatments such as orthodontics, professional teeth whitening, or composite resin bonding.

Find out if you are a good fit for porcelain veneers!

Call Deeter Dental today to discuss the benefits of porcelain veneers and discuss candidacy with our family practice. We welcome new and current patients into our state-of-the-art facility and are willing to help with general, cosmetic, and restorative dental solutions.

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