What Should I Expect at a Dental Cleaning?

Dental Hygiene and Teeth Cleaning Bismarck, NDIt happens to so many of us: we move to a new town and have to find a new doctor, dentist, hairdresser, babysitter, etc. But if it’s been a year or two since you’ve moved and you still haven’t found a dentist, it’s time. Having a yearly or bi-yearly teeth cleaning can help prevent larger dental issues that can be painful, costly, and inconvenient for your busy schedule.

Keep reading to learn about what to expect during a cleaning, so there are no surprises if you haven’t been for a while.

Before the Cleaning

After you’re checked in, a hygienist will bring you back into the office, and will get you set up in a private room. Get ready to put your feet up! You may be given protective glasses (to keep stray water away) and a remote control if your dentist has TVs mounted in the ceiling.

X-rays might be recommended so we can see the roots of your teeth and how healthy they are. Taking X-rays of the teeth is easy, painless, and gives us instant access to the depths of your teeth.

The Cleaning

Your hygienist will perform your cleaning either with electric tools or a handheld set. This generally depends on the hygienist’s preference, but if the electric noise gives you anxiety, then we can accommodate you. The hygienist moves throughout your mouth, gently loosening tartar and plaque from your teeth. The sounds may sound loud in your head, but that’s simply due to proximity.

After all of the tartar is removed, your hygienist will floss and look at each tooth to make sure everything is clean. A polishing toothbrush may be used to make each tooth nice and shiny as well.

After the Cleaning

Immediately after, your dentist will come in to perform a quick exam. They will advise you if you need to come back for a cavity filling or other appointment details (such as with new crowns or bridges).

Your mouth may feel a little sensitive or uncomfortable for the rest of the day, especially if you had a few years of tartar buildup to remove. A professional cleaning and flossing is usually more than what most of us do on a daily basis, so it’s completely normal to feel a little more aware of your mouth. That will usually go away in an hour or so, or a few days if you hadn’t seen a dentist in a while.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’re ready for a cleaning, contact us today at (701) 222-1800 for our Bismarck office or (701) 463-2884 for our Garrison office to schedule an appointment.

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